Cosmetic Packaging, Pumpart System, 2014
with Manon Bourette and Marieke Besson

Pumpart system is an industrial company that manufactures and sells innovative tube packagings for the cosmetic market. They have created a new technology called Tubairless. This technology consists in 3 things. A tube, within the tube a plastic envelope containing the cream and a hole on the tube. This technology restitutes the cream to the customer without any kind of effort and without waste.

We have designed a new range of cosmetic tubes around this technology. The main challenge of our creativity phase was to make the benefits of the technology understandable. Then we had to create the identity of the Tubairless packagings. Finally we increased the Tubairless esteem in order to become a real competitor. 

The main new detail is the hole reinforcer. It is clipped to the tube. The pattern is inspired by the air flow. It is also composed of a filter that bring protection against dust (or sand on the beach). The tubes come in several capacities and specific applicators corresponding to the different cream types. They are made of one material, PE plastic, and respect the manufacturing process in place today. Only few adaptations on welds are required. It’s really easy to integrate different brand images and graphic layouts on the Tubairless packaging.