Kettle & Cooker, Essentiel b Competition, 2nd Prize, 2013

I noticed people often use a kettle to boil water, and then pour it in the pan. It’s simply because the electric kettle is the fastest and more economical way to boil water. Based on the current capacities of electric kettle, it would be relevant to rethink the use. Why not cooking directly inside the kettle? 

Minute is an electric kettle and cooker. You can boil water but also cook with. There are 2 cooking accessories : a bain-marie and a colander. With the timer included the user chooses the appropriate cooking time.The kettle has a large opening that brings better vision on food being cooked. User controls water level thanks to a translucent material. Accessories are made of stainless steel. The handle is covered by silicone to protect fingers. Minute is easy to clean. Water container and accessories are removable and dishwasher safe.